One of the things I have discovered, while helping those in nursing homes or assited care, is by way of the Bible. I have had the wonderful privilege to teach God's Word. However, one of the difficulties I have to be patient and work with is the inability of some attending the Bible study to hear what I am teaching. To reduce the problem, I often speak louder and slower.

The Bible presents a wonderful solution to those who are hard of hearing. When we read the Bible, we hear God speaking to us through the words. The words are, as it were, God speaking to us. God's Holy Spirit enables us to understand God's words to us and compels us to allow God's Word to change us. To hear God best, we need to spend time reading His testimony to us, the Bible. As we grasp this concept, we will become "doers of God's Word, and not only hearers." (James 1:18, 22) Pastor Bob