Good day all!

As I mentioned in church this past Sunday morning, I have challenged us to enter into a 40 day time of prayer, asking for God's wisdom and power for our church family. I believe that God has great things planned for our future personally and as a church. As indicated by Day 1 of the devotional book handed out on Sunday, The Gospel of Mark is about "immediacy." The word "immediate" appears numerous times within Mark's gospel. I enjoyed reading the thoughts of the devotional writer, as he shares:

"Your community needs a healthy, vibrant, growing church; the lost people around you need a compassionate, Spirit-led, Great Commission church; and your fellow members need the warmth, love, hope, and nurture of a faithfully Christ-centered, sacrificial fellowship."

May this be our passion, as we pray over the next 40 days together.

"Father, I realize the complete revitalization of Your church depends on my willingness to 'make ready Your way' now. Jesus, this is Your church. I surrender it to You and invite you to change me in every way necessary to make your church a healthy, vibrant, Kingdom-focused people fully living Your way! In the name of Christ, our Savior I pray, amen.

Pastor Bob