In view of today's devotional text, I can relate to being quite busy, forgetting about the most important things that need to be done. I fail to prioritize my work, thus, often not accomplishing much of what is needful. I see that in Martha's attitude about the presence of Jesus at her home. However, Mary was noted for doing what was best, undevided attention on Jesus. I sense that for us to bypass the busyness of the day, or to make our busy days more meaninful, we must spend some time with Jesus in prayer at the beginning of each day. Such time will enable us to grow personally and discern what God's will is for revitalizing His church. Take time with Him now, asking that he fuel the Spirit's fire in your heart and to equip you with the knowledge and strength for church revitalization. The result will be church growth and intimacy with God.

Father, thanks for teaching me to take time to sit in Your presence, that you may teach me how to be an integral part of Your church. In Jesus' name, amen.